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The world has changed.

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Proficiency-based courses have revolutionized how we teach math and science. Harmonia lets us do the same with music theory.

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The Smartest Way to Learn Music Theory. Period.

Harmonia uses our patented analysis engine to read the music you wrote, analyze it, and give you the feedback that helps you achieve your learning goals quick.


"The drills in Harmonia helped my students a lot this semester. I have never had such high grades in a Theory II course (94% was the lowest grade on the Midterm and I am expecting pretty much the same results from the final exam)."

Dr. Kalin Kirilov

Towson University


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Much more than just spelling chords!

Of course, you can also learn the basics with Harmonia, too. But we do so much more. Part writing is often the most challenging topic for music students, and also the area where they get the least amount of help. With Harmonia's patented analysis engine, you can now practice as much as you need.


Ever since I began teaching music theory over two decades ago, I’ve been waiting and hoping for an advanced tool that can help students learn at their own pace, with guided feedback. For me, Harmonia is the realization of something long wished for.

Dr. Stephen Taylor

Chair, Composition/Theory

University of Illinois


This is exactly what we need. We have large classes with not a lot of free time, and it was a huge challenge to grade and return all of the assignments in a timely fashion. We are so excited to add Harmonia so we can provide instant feedback to our students.

Dr. Laurel Larsen

Western Connecticut State University


As a high school AP Music Theory teacher... I needed something that would speed up the time it took to grade assignments and give students more instant feedback of their work. My experience with Harmonia did exactly that along with offering many other useful tools to help my students.

Andrew Brinkman

North Central High School

Indianapolis, Indiana


Harmonia is an excellent and powerful pedagogical tool for my music analysis classes. I am particularly impressed with the four part writing exercises for two reasons. The first is that students can actually hear the music they are writing and can assess their work aurally. Second, they receive almost immediate feedback and need not wait until class time or a meeting with me to figure out what they are doing wrong. Course evaluations at the end of the semester indicated that students really felt Harmonia was an extremely useful tool.

Dr. Brian Kubin

Truman State University


Patented Analysis Engine

Harmonia analyzes music in real time. Parallel fifths, poor spacing, unresolved 7ths, and more! Students also get feedback instantly as they compose and can automatically grade test.


Hear the Music

Notations can be played back immediatly so students can use their ears to learn theory. Teachers can also embed audio or video files, and links to create immersive lessons.


Course Management

Courses, assignments, testing and grades are all managed in the online dashboard. Due dates, timed practices, and much more can be configured in your dashboard. Teachers also have access to statistics, to help them manage their class more effectively.

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