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Harmonia is always a free practice tool!

Students are always welcome to practice on your own using Harmonia's advanced analyzing and feedback features! There is only a fee to connect with your teacher and his or her testing materials.

Classroom Connect

You will have a couple of weeks of free access, but you will need to pay to maintain access to the course homework assignments and worksheets.

Students pay a flat subscription per semester (29.95 for a typical 15 week semesters). This is less than the cost of most workbooks, and you can receive unlimited amounts of practice with feedback.

Here on the website, sign in to your account, click on your course, and look for a payment button. A secure website will process your credit card information.

Length of Course in WeeksCourse Price Per Student
Up to 4 weeks$20.95
Up to 6 weeks$22.95
Up to 8 weeks$24.95
Up to 12 weeks$28.95
Up to 16 weeks$34.95
Up to 21 weeks$44.95
Up to 42 weeks$74.95
Up to 52 weeks$84.95

Purchase Harmonia For Your Classroom

If your University would like to cover the cost of Harmonia for their students, contact us about purchasing a bundle of licenses. Please email contact@illiacsoftware.com to learn more.

High School Pricing

To support music education, Illiac Software proudly offers 25% discount (based on the pricing in the chart above) in 2019 to high schools purchasing site licenses for their students and the first semester is free.

Testing Only Pricing

Institutions pay per test taken. For a single exam, such as an entrance exam, payment is determined at the end of the testing period. For rolling exams, we calculate exam pricing annually, and charge incrementally every 3 months.

Contact us directly for more details. We set up all testing services manually, and we are happy to help.

Please email contact@illiacsoftware.com and we will answer your question quickly.