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Important: Some things you need to do on this website dashboard. Other things you must do in the application you download.


Click Sign-Up and confirm your email.

Be sure to click "request teacher account" when setting your account information and password.

This will enable addistional features, such as creating your online courses, and browsing all of your ready mady interactive worksheets and homework assignments.


Sign into your website dashboard and click the Add Course button


In your course dashboard page your will find your invitation code. Share this code with your students so they can join the course.

You will need to confirm students that have joined your course in the People tab.

Students pay a flat subscription of $29.95 per 15 week semester. This is less than the cost of most workbooks, and students can receive unlimited amounts of practice with feedback.


It's easy to create your own course materials using our in-app score generators or by importing scores from MusicXml. Please consult our teacher documentation to learn more, such as this quick guide.

When you've created a teacher account online, and used the same account information to sign into the Harmonia application, you will then have access to additional features, such as saving documents, access to all 371 of Bach's Chorales (and not just 10 of them), and score generators to create notations for scale exercises, advanced part writing, and more.

Notations only become "gradable" for students when you convert a notation to an assessment. This support page discusses converting scores into assessments, and this support page on making an interval exercise covers one specific example.


A Special Message for High School Teachers

Dear High School Music Theory Teacher,

Are you teaching AP, IB, or basic music theory? We've got you covered. Between planning rehearsals, teaching a music theory class, and grading analysis, part-writing, and ear-training homework, we know you are busy. Harmonia can help. There are lots of music theory resources out there to choose from, so for our high school teachers only, we offer your students' first fall or spring semester unconditionally free. Try Harmonia for free: contact us to get started.

We provide interactive lessons, practice exercises, and related content to help your students develop their chord recognition, analysis, and part-writing skills.

Our content is created by real theory teachers - teachers with high-school and college-level teaching experience, teachers who are certified public-school teachers, and teachers who attend annual AP readings.

Browse our extensive Harmonia Content Library (accessible with a free teacher account) filled with hundreds of lessons and exercises available to all Harmonia instructors, or build your own assignments.

And the best feature? Harmonia actually grades student work, saving you hours of valuable time per week and offering your students instant, pedagogical feedback.

Harmonia marks incorrect analytical entries and poor part writing, and provides detailed feedback, explaining the nature of the error to users, at the top of the page. All graded feedback is sent to our Cloud-based server for teacher review.

Help your students develop their analysis and part writing skills. Build exam prep materials by setting our assessment guides to match AP/IB rubrics.

Prices and Services

Harmonia is always free for teachers and, for high school teachers only, the fall semester is completely free for your students. Thereafter, student license fees are paid in one of two ways: individually by students, or by site license on behalf of your students. To support secondary music education, Illiac Software proudly offers a 25% discount for all high schools purchasing site licenses for their students. See our pricing schedule for more information.

Sincerely yours,

Rachel Mann, Senior Content Developer